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January 19, 2021

Indian Economy Development Strategy

By Nitin Desai

AGRI MARKET REFORMS IGNORE REALITY by  NITIN DESAI    The new laws on  agricultural marketing  seem to be designed to make it easier for food processing companies and retail chains to deal directly with farmers. This has ....Read More


December 15, 2020

Indian Economy|Development Strategy

By Nitin Desai

MANUFACTURING : FROM LAGGARD TO LEADER by NITIN DESAI   We need policies to promote export-oriented backward integration and linked development of technological capacity in our manufacturing sector ***   The Indian economy seems to b....Read More

November 17, 2020

Governance & Politics|Social Justice

By Nitin Desai

Socialising Social Media Nitin Desai Business Standad 17 November 2020 The past two decades have seen a phenomenal growth in the use of the Internet in India — from about 5 million users in 2000 to more than 500 million at present. How....Read More

October 20, 2020

Indian Economy|Governance & Politics|Natural Resources

By Nitin Desai

Auctions for Public Resources by NITIN DESAI   Auctions for public resources must be designed to serve the common good and not just to maximise public revenues. ***   Auction theory has attracted a grea....Read More

September 22, 2020

Indian Economy

By Nitin Desai

RESCUING THE ECONOMY by NITIN DESAI   To rescue the economy, ensure  price support for agriculture, subsidise wage costs of MSMEs and accelerate public construction activities.   The National Accounts fo....Read More

August 25, 2020

Development Strategy|Governance & Politics|Social Justice

By Nitin Desai

EDUCATION FOR THE FUTURE by  NITIN DESAI   We need to liberate education from political control and give institutions the autonomy needed to innovate for the future *** About a month ago the Government approved the New Education Polic....Read More

July 14, 2020

Development Strategy|Natural Resources

By Nitin Desai

NATURE IN PERIL by NITIN DESAI   Nature can protect us only if we protect it-that is the simple truth this  government needs to recognise.   The environment in India faces a unique challenge. The ministry charged with protecting....Read More

June 24, 2020

By Nitin Desai

  Trapped for months at home with nothing to do all day By a virus that refuses to go away I sought refuge in stories about tecs and spies. Set back in time, with history in a new guise. I begin this account of my lockdown....Read More

June 16, 2020

Indian Economy|Social Justice

By Nitin Desai

The fiscal conservatism of the finance ministry means growth revival is going to take longer and may not be seen till late in the next fiscal year or even later. Discussions about the Covid epidermic and the Government's policy announcements are&nbs....Read More

May 19, 2020

Social Justice

By Nitin Desai

The current Covid epidemic has been compared with the great plague of the of the 14th century which led to revolutionary changes in the polity, economy and society in Europe. There are some who argue that the Covid epidermic will have a similar ....Read More