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August 31, 2021

Indian Economy Social Justice

By Nitin Desai

Key priorities for employment policy Measures that generate income for the poor are more important than tweaking the applicability threshold for labour laws Nitin Desai Most Indians can benefit from growth only if they get a job with decent work ....Read More


July 29, 2021

Indian Economy|Governance & Politics

By Nitin Desai

MYOPIC MICROMANAGEMENT by NITIN DESAI The Union Government must not try and micro-manage what corporate management and State governments have to implement. Micromanagement is when matters which should be left for decision by a lower level a....Read More

June 28, 2021

Indian Economy

By Nitin Desai

THE POST-COVID ECONOMY by NITIN DESAI The Indian economy has clearly fallen behind by several years if one looks at the GDP numbers, the sectoral value added in manufacturing and construction or the actual off take of items like electricity, s....Read More

May 27, 2021

Indian Economy|Social Justice

By Nitin Desai

THE GREAT DIVIDE by NITIN DESAI The Covid epidermic has widened the great divide that separates the living conditions and prospects of the rich and the poor, the urban and rural dwellers, the workers in the organised sector and those in the unor....Read More

April 29, 2021

By Nitin Desai

WARMING OF CLIMATE DIPLOMACY by NITIN DESAI Global climate diplomacy must focus on accelerated 2030 goals rather than net-zero target dates Global climate diplomacy appears to be entering a new more activist phase. One can see this in the ....Read More

March 29, 2021

Governance & Politics

By Nitin Desai

POLITICAL CULTURE by NITIN DESAI A country as diverse as ours needs a political culture rooted in constitutional values and political discourse based on truth, respect, civility and restraint Indian democracy is facing a major crisis of pol....Read More

February 23, 2021

Development Strategy|Climate Change

By Nitin Desai

ADAPTING TO CLIMATE CHANGE by NTITN DESAI Climate change requires a high pace of adaptability in the institutions and policies that shape ecosystem use The floods that hit Uttarakhand are a symptom of two critical ecological and development....Read More

January 19, 2021

Indian Economy|Development Strategy

By Nitin Desai

AGRI MARKET REFORMS IGNORE REALITY by  NITIN DESAI    The new laws on  agricultural marketing  seem to be designed to make it easier for food processing companies and retail chains to deal directly with farmers. This has ....Read More

December 15, 2020

Indian Economy|Development Strategy

By Nitin Desai

MANUFACTURING : FROM LAGGARD TO LEADER by NITIN DESAI   We need policies to promote export-oriented backward integration and linked development of technological capacity in our manufacturing sector ***   The Indian economy seems to b....Read More

November 17, 2020

Governance & Politics|Social Justice

By Nitin Desai

Socialising Social Media Nitin Desai Business Standad 17 November 2020 The past two decades have seen a phenomenal growth in the use of the Internet in India — from about 5 million users in 2000 to more than 500 million at present. How....Read More